ScaleUp Survey

Do you have a Saudi Arabian startup or scaleup with international potential?

Do you want to accelerate your revenue growth?

Monsha'at Tomoh program is launching a Slingshot Cohort!

Slingshot is a world-class accelerator specifically designed to foster a global mindset and drive exponential revenue growth for promising startups

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Slingshot targets existing early stage companies with unlocked potential for growth

Slingshot has been running successfully for several years in Norway and is now committed to turning the best Saudi Arabian Startups into global success stories. With the aim to support Monsha'at and the Kingdom's Vision 2030, Slingshot has designed a program to foster a global mindset and drive exponential revenue growth for promising companies!

By joining our program you will gain access to:
→ Global Mindset Development
→ Revenue Growth Strategies
→ Fast-track execution
→ Tailor-made program
→ Knowledge Transfer
→ No Equity

Explore our ScaleUp Program


We run a holistic ScaleUp survey and benchmark you against best practice. It is a free assessment we encourage any company to take


5-day world-class training with experts in digital, innovation, sales, financial instruments


12 weeks of consulting, including strategy sprints, dedicated resources, access to blueprints and experts, commercialization...


12 weeks of coaching, including access to coaches and a closing week in Stavanger, Norway

Selection Process

Slingshot maintains a database of small and medium-sized companies with growth potential in the region. We encourage promising companies to apply

Slingshot runs a funnel process with company assessment, selection criteria and individual interviews. Check the selection criteria below

Slingshot will select a cohort of 5-7 companies. We tailor the program to their needs based on their assessment and interviews

Selection Criteria

  • 1

    Post-revenue companies. We focus on companies with demonstrated sales or at least successful pilots

  • 2

    Solid team. We are looking for small and medium size companies that are passionate, dedicated and coachable

  • 3

    Growth potential. We will prioritize companies with products and services that can scale, with international potential

  • 4

    Sustainable. Companies that have a sustainability focus, a willingness to drive the green shift, and contribute to a diversification from the highly O&G focus in the region. These companies will fit the ScaleUp program