The vision of Slingshot is to transform the west coast region of Norway from its dependency on oil and gas, into a new era.


Slingshot has supported 22 companies since September 2020.

This initiative has resulted in the creation of 480 new jobs, and the participating companies have collectively raised over 600 million NOK in capital.

Supporting companies to scale

Slingshot is a non-profit organization on a mission to scale companies along the West Coast region of Norway to create change, growth and sustainable jobs

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The West Coast region of Norway is facing challenging times

The region is highly dependent on the oil and gas industry. We believe that the journey ahead is to accelerate the green shift and grow sustainable, forward-looking industries and their value chains. Slingshot wants to be part of this shift.

Our program is targeting existing early stage companies with unlocked potential for growth, supporting them to create new jobs and industries for the region

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Slingshot Report
Transparency is important to us, which is why we release a dedicated report detailing our work and performance
The Slingshot program significantly contributes to transforming the local economy and has since September 2020 supported 22 companies, who have created 480 new jobs and raised more than NOK 600 million in capital since joining the program. Read our report to get in-depth knowledge about our work:

7 reasons Why Slingshot is NOT a typical accelerator program and why you should join

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Meet our partners and investors

Meet our partners and investors

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