Providing a gentle push as the companies growth department

Scribble 2

Things are really moving forward and the companies are working hard! We are now in the execution phase where we work with each company towards maximising growth. After having mapped out their strategy the previous week, each company starts to have an even better understanding of where they want to go and how to get there. Now it is gloves off and the hard work starts.

The Slingshot program does not only provide a structured framework and a clear vision that helps the companies focus, we also become an extended arm of the company providing tailored assistance to each company. 

One part of what we do is to help identify the key focus areas for a set of two week sprints, and how Slingshot best can assist each company in this phase. We bring both new insights and help with execution of initiatives, implementing best practices and blueprints from our PwC database. 

It’s important to us that we’re not something on the side of the normal business, but that we integrate with the team and provide a gentle push in the right direction for the company as a whole, accelerating growth. If we don’t have the right skills or knowledge in the team, we utilize our vast network of global experts under the PwC umbrella. 

To ensure we all stay on our toes, we introduce a vast specter of outside feedback. Each program will be accompanied by selected mentors who have great knowledge and experience within common challenges for the cohort. Learning from those who have taken this journey before gives an opportunity to learn and profit from others' choices and mistakes so you don’t have to commit those yourself. 

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