Meet our awesome “Fab Four” companies in Slingshot Cohort #1

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When planning this program it was really important for us that the companies elected were companies that not only had unlocked potential for growth, but also had the right mindset and willingness to scale their company. As the West Coast region is facing challenging times we believe these four companies have what it takes to create new jobs and industries for the region. 

We are really excited to present to you our first four companies to attend our Slingshot program. The program’s first cohort is composed of a set of really exciting companies that share a common set of challenges within the tech industry. These “Fab Four” all have high international ambitions, scale potential and share a set of challenges to realise their potential which is a perfect starting point for them to collaborate and be a part of a unique tech scaleup community.

The Slingshot team is really excited about having them aboard, and look forward to helping these companies become the future leaders right here in our region!

W3Schools is a local family company in Sandnes and is one of the world's largest platforms for online learning of coding. The site has 60 million monthly users / students and 2.5 billion annual page views. W3Schools offers free web development learning that is made available to everyone, regardless of background. 

Read more about the company here (Link)

Novotech offers a cloud-based collaboration platform that makes 3D models available to everyone. The platform is unique for displaying complex 3D models easily on any mobile device, and customers use the service from design and development, to operation and maintenance.

Read more about the company here (Link)

Justify is a new service that helps you make good life choices. In the same way that online banking has made it easier to take control of personal finances, Justify makes it easy to get your agreements and formal documents in order, which secures you and your family through all phases of life. The company lowers the threshold for access to secure and digital legal solutions and develops the legal service of the future.

Read more about the company here  (Link)

Wenn is an InsurTech company that, with the help of artificial intelligence, makes it possible to assess car damages with either a mobile application or a land-based damage detection rig. The ambition is to simplify the process around car damage in the same way as Vipps has done for payment services. Just drive through one of the Wenn stations and get a damage detection and appraisal.

Read more about the company here (Link)

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