Slingshot Kick-off week!

Scribble 2

Here we go! This week we finally kicked off and launched the Slingshot program to our “Fab Four” companies in Cohort #1. The companies met for the first time in the Slingshot Lab located at FOMO.  The Slingshot Lab is almost 500 square meter coworking space, or an Innovation Lab as we like to call it, available for Slingshot participants.  It’s a really cool place and you feel the awesome energy when you open the door and step into the fun and creative area.

The first day was spent getting to know each other, both at a company level and at a personal level. We believe that starting off with a social component to create trust, openness and a good relationship lays a solid foundation for the rest of the program. By building an arena for trust we ensure that the participants feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and experience with each other and setting the scene for cross learning experiences.

Each of the companies had a 15 minute presentation to introduce themselves followed with a Q&A. Then we had a session about expectations, ambitions and commitment where we split and mixed the participants into smaller groups. They had good discussions and the results that came out was a good indication of common goals for the program:

berta lende røed  and Victoria Høie Stensø from FuelBox  who are experts in getting people to talk came in and ended the day with us. Berta talked about how to create awareness, inspire and give important insight to the value of being curious to develop, learn and perform together with others. All of the participants went on speed dates and discussed questions about leadership, collaboration, innovation and communication. Great fun!

The first day was completed with a nice dinner in the avenue of FOMO. The settings could not have been more beautiful and we had great conversations and were served the most delicious food from FOMO kitchen.

The second day we started to introduce growth theory and strategy frameworks to the teams, which will lay the foundation for the upcoming week. We did this with interactive exercises and multi colour post-its.

It was two fun and creative days at Slingshot Lab, and we are excited about the upcoming week where theory will turn into actions.

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