Disrupting the disruptors

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Throughout the program’s execution phase we’ve been working hands on with each company’s specific challenges, focusing on accelerating growth. Of course, this is the most important thing we do - but we also try to find new ways to challenge our cohort and bring new impulses to the teams.  And to do so, we have onboarded the Fuelbox team to help us to strengthen the team relations and performance and to build a new community. 

FuelBox is all about developing the individual participants, their connections and the culture, both in each company and in the Slingshot programme, by facilitating communication, sharing, learning, new insight and growth.

 To disrupt 

or to be disrupted.

That is the question!

The idea behind the disruption dinners came from the fact that you can quickly go blind on your own product and core business. The team from FuelBox facilitated Disruptive Boards, where the intention is to be challenged by external experts with different backgrounds and experience, and get valuable input and new perspectives on how companies run their business. Each company in Slingshot got one night each where the other companies in the cohort and guests disrupt them.

Disruption dinner

The overall purpose of the Disruption Board is thus to explore perspective, and to be able to ask questions that can cultivate some new discussions - both about products, services, business models and not at least the company's strategy going forward.

Team Justify with their Disruption Dinner

Through this tailored program based on sharing and learning, storytelling and challenging questions from FuelBox, a panel of different professional experts outside the company's daily operations, a disruption board, asked questions, answered questions and shared their experience to lift their business to the next level.

Here are some of the feedback from both participants and guests:

 “Very well facilitated. Liked how you have distributed the time overall. Also enjoyed the break-out tasks and the way this was handled. Thanks!” Per Ivar Nerseth, Management Consultant / Senior Digitalisation Advisor at Bouvet ASA

“So inspiring to both learn and participate with new perspectives in the disruption board arranged by FuelBox (/ FuelIT). I strongly believe that bringing people from different industries and with different experience contributes to growth and increased ability to innovate.” Karina Birkeland Lome, EVP Director of Competence and Culture hos DnB  

“We are on our way from a small family team, to a future-oriented, growing company. Detailed criticism and creative feedback from other founders via disruption boards has been extremely helpful!” Kai Jim Refsnes, W3schools

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