From theory to strategy to accelerated growth

Scribble 2

The second week of the Slingshot bootcamp, we start to get our hands dirty with a two day strategy workshop. Applying the theory and frameworks from the first week, the companies started mapping out where they want to be in one year and key focus areas on how to get there.

The enablement of growth theory and exercises are tailored for converting company vision into a clear tangible strategy.  At the end of the week the companies ended up with a one-pager stating exactly what they need to focus on over the next few months to ensure they work towards maximising their growth potential.

"In Justify, we have until now focused on building a unique service that is both safe and easy to use, but which at the same time offers unique functionality and an accessibility that today's lawyers cannot offer. We will now take the services to market and have already after the first gatherings in Slingshot gained new insight that will help us carve out an effective growth strategy and we have sky-high expectations for the continuation. " -Dag Josef Foss, Justify

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