Welcome to Slingshot cohort #2

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Last week we wrapped up cohort #1 with great success! It is amazing to see how we together have accelerated growth for each company. The feedback on the program was really good, so now we are really excited to start working with cohort #2!

Our mission to create new and sustainable jobs in our region continues. We see that the expected job losses due to our transition away from oil and gas is coming, and it is coming fast.

All companies in this cohort #2 are all producing hardware that will have a positive effect on our environment. As we see it, they will all play a major part in ensuring regional growth and sustainable jobs for the future. To meet the global demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly companies these four could not be a better fit!

We kick it all off, digitally, on Monday February 8th - and the whole Slingshot team is looking forward to spend the next 90 days with the "new fab four":

Turning Norwegian sawdust into battery cell technology
Beyonder designs and manufactures safer battery solutions based on Norwegian sawdust, with high power, fast charging and long lifetime. Produced with clean energy and energy-efficient methods, the batteries have the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Read more about the company at beyonder.no

From Treatment to Prevention - A new approach to sustainable aquaculture
Blue Lice catch salmon lice in the larval stage before they attach themselves to the salmon. This reduces the number of infestations and thus reduces the need for treatment. By exploiting the salmon lice’s natural instincts Blue Lice eliminates salmon lice without any adverse effects on the fish or the ecosystem.

Read more about the company at bluelice.no

The company was established in 2015 to develop electrical propulsion solutions thereby the name THRUSTME.
Their main goal is to make electrical products for sports activities and the outdoor industry to make activities such as paddling more safe, more accessible and more fun.

Read more about the company at thrustme.no

Reducing Air Pollution from industrial processes
Seid is one of the world’s leading developer manufacturers of odor & air pollution control systems and delivers state of the art technology with theircore products: ModuPower (High-Frequency Switch Mode Power Supply) and ModuPlasma NTP range for Odor and VOC abatement.

Read more about the company at seid.no

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