Welcome Slingshot Cohort #3

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The Slingshot Team is really excited for the next Slingshot Cohort!

Slingshot Team here represented by, from left: Karoline Eim, Eirik Rasmussen, Ole-Martin Høyrem and Francisco Acasuso

Finally we can reveal the 4 companies joining forces in
Slingshot cohort #3.
This time we are well represented on the west coast of Norway, with companies from Ålesund in the north to Stavanger in the south.  

We believe that the 4 companies have a lot in common, both in terms of ambitions, potential and challenges.

We really look forward to the next 90 days starting on Monday September 6th!

The 4 companies are:

BagID was founded in Ålesund, Norway in 2015, with the goal of making flights more sustainable and less stressful. With high-tech luggage tags, they want to take billions of air passengers traveling with checked luggage into the 21st century, making it more environmentally friendly and less stressful. Concept and technology have received much attention, and bagID partners include national aviation authorities and international carriers.

“Every year, 3 billion luggage tags are printed out and 20 million luggages get lost. This is not sustainable and it represents huge costs for insurance companies (approx. 2 billion USD)”

Read more about the company here (Link)

Enluminite builds staggering and powerful software that is easy to learn, designed to enable collaboration across the entire supply chain in an efficient and sustainable way.
Connect, contextualize, use and share data without replacing any legacy systems across your business. See hidden trends and have all the insights where and when you need it. The platform is built on top of Microsoft Azure, and comes packaged with integrations and turn-key apps that are ready to go. Regular software updates keep things up to date and running smoothly and easy to scale up.

“Bring your teams together under one secure, centralized platform. Developed to share data and break information silos. Easy, fast and reliable”

Read more about the company here (Link)

Haptiq develops software solutions that make the development of VR and AR training both faster and of better quality. Their universal "no-code" development platform removes time and cost barriers in virtual training simulators while creating sound reproductions and graphical reproductions of real environments and structures. Education or training using such a real environment increases the likelihood that you will later remember what you have been trained for.

“Today, training employees is expensive and time-consuming. In addition, it is often difficult for employees to remember what they’ve learned.”

Read more about the company here  (Link)

Really! make the purchase and follow-up of real estate services a simple and clear process. When using Really!’s platform, you can freely choose between several standardized packages for different real estate services, and you can easily get in touch with different providers. You are free to choose the supplier you want, and it is easy to sign and follow up agreements.

“The facility management and facility services industries have been characterized as industries with much friction and little effective interaction. Tender processes have taken hours and by using Really!, it can be done in a couple of minutes. Moreover, buyers have saved up to 40% on using Really!’s platform.”

Read more about the company here (Link)

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