Welcome Slingshot Cohort #5

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We are halfway through the fifth cohort and the Slingshot team is currently helping InfoTiles, NUAer and Ruden Water to realize their potential and contribute to a sustainable future!

The theme is WATER and the companies focus on reducing maritime emissions, fighting water scarcity and preventing water leakages so that we can utilize more of the water that we have.

Slingshot's mission is to create new and sustainable jobs in our region and we believe these three companies can contribute in accelerating the green shift and grow sustainable industries and value chains. Although the companies are quite different in terms of the products and services they offer - we have seen a lot of synergies and knowledge spillovers between the companies.

Slingshot execution team: Silje Sletten, Martin Gallardo, Anja Fintland & Kiki Van der Vet in PwC's Energy Experience Centre

We are already up to a good start, and some of the work we have done include: 

  • Revenue model simulations and analysis
  • Investor PitchCoaching
  • Market research
  • Understanding the customers and creating competitive offerings to the market 
  • Define internal roles and responsibilities and structure companies for growth

The 3 companies are:

Ensure sustainable water & wastewater, for everyone today, tomorrow and in the future

InfoTiles is a digital water solution company that provides software-as-a-service for water and wastewater management. InfoTiles helps cities and utilities become more effective and sustainable by creating new insights and better actions for the digital water industry. With their expertise, they help their customers make better decisions and utilize their water resources better by providing data insights. This ensures sustainable water and sanitation.

Accelerating the green transition in the maritime industry

NUAer is a joint venture between Nordic Unmanned and Aeromon, and was formed in 2021 as a response to the increasing demand for maritime emission measurements. NUAer provides remote maritime emissions monitoring as-a-service. The combination of their sniffer drones and monitoring platform provides maritime decision-makers with actionable insights and predictions regarding their emissions. NUAer helps their customers to fulfill the global emission reduction targets.

Going deeper than anyone else to provide safe drinking water

Ruden Water has over 40 years of experience with hydrogeology, and their mission is to find fresh groundwater at depths where only a few dare to explore. The company combines dataacquired during oil exploration surveys and drilling technology from the oil industry, with applied hydrogeology. This enables Ruden Water to explore fresh water aquifers way deeper than traditional hydrogeology. Ruden water currently explores for deep groundwater in Africa.

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